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In order to provide resolutions to the problems of the people of the vibrant state of Uttarakhand we have introduced the CM Helpline 1905. Through this helpline, I myself keep an eye on all your complaints and stay connected with the officers for fast and regular solutions. As a result, all the grievances and issues that are faced by the public will be resolved expeditiously which has become the hallmark of good governance in Uttarakhand. It is my sincere appeal to the people of the state to contact the CM Helpline toll free number 1905 today or download the CM Helpline 1905 Application in order to allow us to find an answer to your problems.

Your Government at Your Door

  • Progressing steps in the direction of good governance.
  • One call away between the government and the citizens.
  • With the establishment of “Uttarakhand Public Service Agency”, citizens will get quick information and problems will be solved.
  • Officers from level-1 to level-4 have been made responsible by the government for proper resolution of the problems.
  • The people of the state should be happy and satisfied with the works of the government, for this purpose, CM Helpline 1905 has been started.
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CM Helpline 1905 Application

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